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The Vipers Fastpitch Softball (VFP) teams travels throughout Southern Illinois, eastern Missouri and western Indiana participating in scrimmage games, double headers, round robins, tournaments (ASA, NSA, USSSA) and/or leagues depending upon age group. Focus throughout the program revolves around balancing a healthy level of competitiveness while advancing the game of fastpitch softball. 



Softball lessons and camps are available year round for Hitting, Fielding, Base Running, Catching, Pitching, Agility and Conditioning in single sessions or large packages providing lower rates. Lessons are offered at an indoor facility year round with one on one training with the individual player / parent allowing focus on that player for that hour. You may visit SouthernAll-Stars for more information on lessons, rates, registration and online booking of appointments.



 VFP tryouts for ages 8 - 18 are usually held during July each year for the upcoming season. Teams are always looking for subs and new talent to add to teams of all ages. If you are interested in playing, please visit our softball tryouts section or contact us at info@vipersfastpitch.org if you have any questions. 


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